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Slotland Slots

This casino site offers gamers a unique place to play their favourite casino games. It has the look and feel of a gaming console in contrast to an online casino. The site focuses more on the actual programs than the other flashy bits that are found on other gaming sites. Slotland is the place to play if you are a hardcore fan of slot play. There are many different slot machines from which to choose, many with progressive jackpots.

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Golden 8

Golden 8 is one of the newest games available for play at Slotland. The game is the classic spin to win version of the slot machine, with the bonus of being able to collect diamonds to earn free spins. The game offers eight pay lines, and three red bars will win you the progressive jackpot.

Silver Kiss

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Another great slot machine offered at Slotland is Silver Kiss. There is a reason that this game is not on the homepage of the site. The game features some nudity, couples, and lesbian pictures. The game offers two ways to win with a cross grid of three vertical and three horizontal lines. Matching the faces of the girls with the bodies allows you to see a fully nude picture of her along with your winnings.

These are just two of the slot machines available for play at Slotland. There are hundreds more from which to choose. Some of them include Treasure Box, Heavy Metal, Magic, and a game called Slotland “Booster.” Booster offers a rather different structure to the regular single pay line machine as it will store your bets and allow you to collect 10% of your bets at anytime. You can also qualify for a win/lose spin with the chance to win all your money back. This makes this machine one of the most exciting around.

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